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Keitzer confirm for the Wonnemond

KEITZER are special and therefore just right for the Line Up 2018. Grindcore to Death Metal in perfection!


Sweden's new Death Metal formation - THE LURKING FEAR - blackens the line-up.


Hardcore out of the streets of Berlin
PROTECTION OF HATE is exactly what most of you do not expect in Hardcore. See for yourself at the Wonnemond-Festival!


INCARCERATION at the Wonnemond-Festival
The thirst for Old School Death Metal is satisfied with INCARCERATION! Get your tickets for the "Early Bird" price of 35, - € until 31.12.2017.


Pre-Order yout ticket to Wonnemond-Festival 2018. Get your tickets for the "Early Bird" price of 35, - € until 31.12.2017. Regular price will be 45, - €!
First band in our Line Up in 2018 is EVOCATION from Schweden!


Embedded in the merry month of May, the WONNEMOND Festival is the first outdoor event of the year in the region of East Saxony. Picturesque, just as the month of spring may obscure the senses, is also the landscape in which the annual event is planted: in the mountains on the border to the Bohemian land, at the gates to Saxon Switzerland sits the, well, merry moon. Visitors as well as musicians always warm up to the view into the distance, even if the vagaries of nature should provide for some cool hours. But the WONNEMOND is not an event for cuddly lace doilies and soft-brushed chicken, but for contemporaries who dare to eat the bread sometimes without butter.

Following this core idea, the program of the event, which has grown over three days as a concert venue, also sets itself apart: Since 2011, when the first Open Air was launched, the once tender offspring has grown into an ever-growing Giant, now almost exclusively dedicated to heavy guitar music. As a result, with the upcoming, already eighth festival, as in the 2017 edition, no prisoners are fed through, but the heaviest metal and relatives find enough space for sound and reverberation in its numerous facets and appearances. Here, local underground meets international high-carat, where, according to the cliché, ore melt is forged into stainless steel, home-made sausage broth is transformed into hard sausage, and finely-tuned purées are answered with decibel-fed blast.

At the latest now, after the first seven rounds, WONNEMOND is an institution that, when talking about East Saxony and the dying off of rural culture, can not and must not be overlooked, unless the pink goggles make you think about which ones Refrains for the carryover of potential body fluid exchange partners are the most accurate among the yellowish spots with added purple cuddly blanket.